HackSoft at EuroPython 2018

HackSoft at EuroPython 2018

EuroPython 2018

HackSoft team was well represented during EuroPython 2018 in Edinburgh.

Me (Radoslav Georgiev), Martin AngelovIvaylo Donchev & Pavlin Gergov went to Edinburgh for the conference days of EuroPython.

The four of us also had talks!

We had an interesting journey, which started with a delayed flight from Sofia to Brussels, which, of course, made us miss our connection to Edinburgh for 4 minutes 🙁

Thankfully, EuroPython organizers managed to switch Pavli’s slot from Wednesday (which we missed) to Friday & everything ended up OK.

A big thank you to Alexander Hendorf for the quick reaction and Owen Campbell for changing slots with Pavlin!

Here’s the information for the talks:

Radoslav Georgiev – Django Structure for Scale and Longevity.

HackSoft at EuroPython 2018

Martin Angelov – Proper Django Testing.

Ivaylo Donchev – Advanced Query Optimization in Django.

HackSoft at EuroPython 2018


Pavlin Gergov – How async and await ended up in Python?

HackSoft at EuroPython 2018


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